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thomh It is no longer true that most either are or derive from Euphoric. It's 50:50.
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thomh added a bunch more, and shuffled into alphabetical order
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 There exist a number of Emulators for the Oric. There exist a number of Emulators for the Oric.
-The hierarchical list is below.+[[http://​​emulator.html|Amoric]] for the Amiga.
-'' ​   ​[[http://​​emulator.html|Euphoric]]\\ +[[http://​​emulator.html|Arcoric]] for the Acorn Archimedes.
-       |\\ +
-   ​[[http://​​~amajorel/​xeuphoric|X-Euphoric]]\\ +
-       |\\ +
-    [[http://​​svn/​public/​pc/​emulators/​caloric|Caloric]]''​+
-[[http://​|Mess]]+[[http://​​emulator.html|Atoric]] for the Atari ST and descendants. 
 +[[https://​​tomharte/​clk|Clock Signal]] for the Mac. 
 +[[http://​​emulator.html|Emul8D]] for Windows. 
 +[[http://​​emulator.html|Euphoric]] for Windows, Linux SVGALib and X, the Mac and Casio Cassiopeias;​ 
 +  * [[http://​​~amajorel/​xeuphoric|X-Euphoric]] the original X port of Euphoric; 
 +  * [[http://​​svn/​public/​pc/​emulators/​caloric|Caloric]] a fork of X-Euphoric. 
 +[[http://​|Mess]] ​for a wide array of platforms. 
 +[[https://​​pete-gordon/​oricutron|Oricutron]] for Windows, the Amiga, BeOS/Haiku, the Mac, MorphOS/​AROS,​ Linux and the Pandora.
-[[https://​​tomharte/​clk|Clock Signal]] 
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