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Operating system

Telestrat works with stratsed and telemon. Telemon contains a lot of primitives (graphics, sounds, math and minitel function).

Stratsed load in overlay ram and provide operation for floppy disks.

There is many keyboard shortcut in telemon bank

* Where can i have source code of telemon ?

Keyboard shortcut (telemon)

  • CTRL+A : produce a tab (add 8 spaces)
  • CTRL+C : break
  • CTRL+G : produce a sound (oups)
  • CTRL+H : move cursor one space left
  • CTRL+I : XX
  • CTRL+J : XX
  • CTRL+K : move cursor one space up
  • CTRL+L : clear the window
  • CTRL+N : Delete current line
  • CTRL+Q : Switch on videotex cursor
  • CTRL+R : echo on (sends data also on printer)
  • CTRL+S : Launch hard copy (printer)
  • CTRL+T : Switch off video tex cursor
  • CTRL+X : Delete the end of the line (after sur cursor)

How to code on Oricutron with telemon


The famous Hello world ! with telemon and crossdevel

At this step, you have in oric folder, an osdk folder

At this step, you have in oric folder, an osdk and oricutron folder

  • create in oric folder a directory “projects”
  • in this folder (projects), create a folder “hello_telemon”
  • in this folder (hello_telemon), create a folder “include”
  • in hello_telemon folder, create a file “hello.asm” and open it in an editor. Copy and paste this :
 #define XWSTR0 $14 
 #define BRK_TELEMON(value)\
.byt 00,value;\
 lda #<str_hello_world
 ldy #>str_hello_world
 .asc "Hello world !",0
  • at this step, you have to build with assembler : open a command line window (cmd.exe)
  • go to your project directory (oric/projects/hello_world) and execute xa :
 ..\..\osdk\bin\xa.exe hello_world.asm

..\..\osdk\bin\header.exe -a1 a.o65 hello.tap

  • you have now hello.tap file. Now we need to put it on disk !
  • use tap2dsk from osdk to generate the disk
  • use old2mfm to convert .dsk file into new format
  • insert stratsed.dsk into telestrat start Oricutron
  • insert your new disk genetated in oricutron, runs your code.

mouse and joysticks

For information on the Telestrat mouse and joystick ports go here.

How can i do a code which works on telemon and atmos

You have to do 2 versions, but you can have one source code (you can detect telestrat, to have one object)

You have to know that

  • Telemon has a different IRQ vectors than atmos (atmos : $244/$245/$246 telemon : $2fa,$2fb,$fc)
  • hires routines does not have the same calls (telemon : brk $1a/Atmos : jsr $ec33)
  • if you redirect irq vectors for telemon all brk calls won't work. you have to restore irq vectors each time you need to call roms on telemon
  • Zero page : if you want to restore telemon after your program, you should use “#define VARAPL $D0” to use all zero page bytes (44) after $d0
  • via6522 : Telemon initialize VIA1 differently than atmos rom. For example, T2 timer is enabled. If you have in your code : “lda VIA_T1CL” , you should do also “lda VIA_T2CL” : You can also disable T2 timer.

Here is a sample you could do :

#define	SYS_IRQLO			$2fb
#define	SYS_IRQHI			$2fc
.byt $00,$1a
; atmos 
jsr $ec33;
#define	SYS_IRQLO			$245
#define	SYS_IRQHI			$246

How to switch over banks

Used it if you want to do a bit crap

     #define MYBANK 3
     lda #MYBANK
     and $321
     sta $321
     ; SET IRQ vectors

You can do it better with telemon routines.

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