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This is the download page for AYT and utilities.

AYT Versions

0.0131/01/2009hereV0.01 Known Issues
0.0214/02/2009hereV0.02 FixesMusic saved in 0.01 cannot be loaded into 0.02 as a MODULE, instead save first as a MUSIC
0.0323/02/2009hereV0.03 FixesMusic saved in earlier versions cannot be loaded into 0.03 as a MODULE, instead save first as a MUSIC

For a guide to how to compose songs go to the Tutorials Section.

For a guide to how to use the Editor go to the Manual Section.

AYT Editor Source binaries

VersionDateSource zip

AYT Utilities

vortex2ayt.zip0.0115/02/2009herevortex2ayt 0.01This is an extremely early version and only converts List and Pattern Note Elements
vortex2ayt.exe0.0215/02/2009herevortex2ayt 0.02This is better in that it allows the EG and Noise columns to be converted. There is also a crude conversion of Vortex Samples to AYT's Effects

For a guide on how to use the converter go here

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