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Because AYT is an 8 track Tracker it allows up to 8 tracks to be played simultaneously. Each Track is assigned a Sound Source which is shown as a value from 0 to 19. The SS may be further broken down into Physical Resources from 0 to 4. Any two or more tracks that share the same Physical Resource are said to be sharing and a special behaviour is invoked.

In Sharing mode each track is given a number of Ticks to process its sound. After the number of ticks are used the next track is given the same number of ticks. In this way each Track is given an equal share of time to play on the physical channel resource.

For example a Track row may consist of 4 active Tracks..

Track ATrack BTrack CTrack D
000 00001 01002 00003 01

Tracks A and C share the same resource of Channel A Volume and Chipsound. Tracks B and D also share the same resource of Channel B Volume and Chipsound.

Each Track would be given 50% of time to use the physical Channel Resource.

The number of Ticks can be changed in the List Editor RWC command SHARING together with a special behaviour setting for SFX. SFX are the primary source of changes to a tracks sound. The behavioural setting either permits SFX to process the sound only whilst the Track has been given sharing or independant of sharing. There are advantages and disadvantages to both modes.

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