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Files Keys

FUNC and CTRL on Oric is Left Alt and Left Ctrl on Emulator. SHIFT on Oric and Emulator are either Shift keys.

KeyShown in Help asGroupDefinitionNotes
UPUPNavigationMove up one row
DOWNDOWNNavigationMove down one row
LEFTLEFTNavigationMove left one column
RIGHTRIGHTNavigationMove right one column
CTRL UPHOMENavigationMove to first row
CTRL DOWNENDNavigationMove to last row
CTRL PGO PATTERNavigationJump to Pattern EditorMust be on a track row with at least one track being a pattern
ESCGO MENUNavigationJump to MenuJumps to the menu at the top of the screen
CTRL LGO LISTNavigationJump to List Editor
CTRL SGO SFXNavigationJump to SFX Editor
CTRL HGO HELPNavigationJump to Help Page
RETURNLOADOperatorsLoad selected fileMay be expanded in future versions to Save when over ?????????(New filename)
FUNC LLOADOperatorsLoad selected file
FUNC SSAVEOperatorsSave Selected File(Update Save) or Save new when over ?????????
FUNC 5REFRESHOperatorsRefresh DirectoryKey chosen for closeness to Browser F5
FUNC FFILTEROperatorsIncrements Filter Type
FUNC PPRINTOperatorsNot Implemented
FUNC DDRIVEOperatorsIncrements Drive Letter A,B,C,D then A againPress FUNC 5 to refresh directory for this Drive
SHIFT RETURN<PlayingNot Implemented
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