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List Editor Shortcut Keys

FUNC and CTRL on Oric is Left Alt and Left Ctrl on Emulator. SHIFT on Oric and Emulator are either Shift keys.

KeyShown in Help asGroupDefinitionNotes
CTRL LEFTTRK LEFTNavigationMove left by one Track
CTRL RIGHTTRK RIGHTNavigationMove right by one track
LEFTLEFTNavigationMove to next field left
RIGHTRIGHTNavigationMove to next field right
UPUPNavigationMove up one row
DOWNDOWNNavigationMove down one row
CTRL UPHOMENavigationMove to first row
CTRL DOWNENDNavigationMove to last row
CTRL -PREV SONGNavigationNavigate to previous song
CTRL =NEXT SONGNavigationNavigate to next song
CTRL PGO PATTERNavigationJump to Pattern EditorMust be on a track row with at least one track being a pattern
ESCGO MENUNavigationJump to MenuJumps to the menu at the top of the screen
CTRL SGO SFXNavigationJump to SFX Editor
CTRL FGO FILENavigationJump to Files
CTRL HGO HELPNavigationJump to Help Page
CTRL RBLUE ROWNavigationChange cursor styleDisplays cursor either on a blue row (losing row index) or normally
=INC VALModifyIncrement field value
-DEC VALModifyDecrement field value
DELDEL VALModifyReset field value
SPACETOGGLEModifyToggle field option
CTRL IINS GAPModifyInsert rowInsert a new row moving entries down
CTRL DDEL GAPModifyDelete rowDeletes a row moving entries up
RRESTOperatorsChange Track to Rest
TTRACKSOperatorsChange Rest or Mimic to Track
FUNC ,MIMIC <OperatorsMimic the track on the left
FUNC .MIMIC >OperatorsMimic the track on the right
FUNC N©NEW SONGOperatorsSet New Song
FUNC E©ENDOperatorsSet End Song
FUNC F©FADEOperatorsSet Fade SongNot implemented
FUNC I©IRQOperatorsSet SFX and Music Base SpeedDefault is 25Hz for both
FUNC S©SHARINGOperatorsSet Sharing Properties
FUNC O©OCTAVEOperatorsSet Track Note Offset
FUNC R©RES'SOperatorsSet Resolutions
FUNC CCOMMAND HOperatorsAssign Track H as Pattern Command Track
FUNC ANEW PATOperatorsAuto-assign new Pattern to entryLocates the next free(unused) Pattern and deposits on cursor Track
SHIFT DOWNHL DOWNCopyingHighlight DownExpand highlight down
SHIFT UPHL UPCopyingHighlight UpRecede highlight up
CTRL CCOPYCopyingCopy HighlightCopy highlighted area to Copy Buffer
CTRL XCUTCopyingCut HighlightCopy highlight area to Copy Buffer and erase area with Track Rows
CTRL VPASTECopyingCopy PastePaste Buffer from current Cursor Row
JGRABCopyingGrab EntryGrabs entry but doesn't use Copy Buffer
KDROPCopyingDrop EntryDrops grabbed entry
,COPY LASTCopyingCopy previous row
.COPY NEXTCopyingCopy next row
RETURN< CRSRPlayingPlay Current Track Row
SHIFT RETURN< SONGPlayingPlay Current Song
SHIFT S< STOPPlayingStop and silence all music
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