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All editors are provided a key help page similar to that shown below and all (by default) call the Help page with CTRL H. The Editor allows one to view and change the keys. Help Keys

Keys are organised into groups by way of the colourful partitions.

The leftmost columns always shows the soft key associated to the function with an inversed F(FUNC),C(CTRL),S(SHIFT) or space(none). The next column is the hard key followed by an abbreviated description of the function.

The Editor also shows the name of the Editor the help page is for in the top right. The Top left shows the version and date of AYT.

Use cursor keys to navigate the single page and ESC to quit back to the Music Editor the Help was called from.

Modifying a key combination

Press RETURN to modify a key. You will then be prompted to enter the new key combination which should begin by pressing and holding any soft key (CTRL, SHIFT or FUNC) then pressing the Hard key. If the new key is already used for another function a warning will be displayed and the key will restore to the original.

It is recommended not to change the Pattern Note keys A-G or Pattern Octave keys. These keys are evaluated by ascii code.

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