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AYT comes with a large array of copying facilities. Most editors allow some form of highlighting and copying and all that do share a common range of default keys to perform these operations. In addition to the standard highlighting, Copy, Cut and Paste operations AYT has additional copying facilities to accelerate the composition of the song.

Default KeyOperationNotes
J and KGrab and DropThese keys permit the user to grab an entry (J) then drop it somewhere else(K) or as many times as required. This operation does not use the Copy buffer. The grabbed entry is always shown in the bottom right corner (status bar). Effect and RWC grabs are shown as Rows rather than the actual entry. Grab and Drop Operations do not affect the Copy Buffer.
SHFT+CursorsHighlightingThese key combination allow the user to highlight areas of the Editor for the eventual Copy operation. Repeating the key combination will expand or recede the highlight area. The Pattern Editor only permits a highlight over valid Tracks. Any attempt to highlight Rested tracks will disable Highlight.
CTRL+C Copy Highlighted areaCopies the highlighted area to the copy buffer and dehighlights.
CTRL+X Cut Highlighted areaCopies the highlighted area to the copy buffer and replaces the area with the (editor specific) rest entry
CTRL+V Paste Copy BufferPastes the copy buffer into the Editor from the current cursor position. All editors share the same copy buffer. Attempts to paste one editors copy into another will fail
CTRL+M Merge Copy BufferThis operation is only available in the Pattern Editor and permits a merge between the Contents of the Copy Buffer and the existing data where the paste operation would affect. Any entry in the Pattern that is a Rest will be overwritten but entries that contain a note will be avoided
, and .Copy Last and NextThese operations copy the last or next entry into the current. They do not affect the Copy buffer
FUNC+Up or FUNC+DownMove Entry up or downThese allow a Pattern Entry to be moved up or down the Pattern and do not use the Copy Buffer
FUNC+Up or FUNC+DownTranspose Highlighted areaIf an area is highlighted, these keys will transpose the notes in the area up or down the scale. Be aware that different tracks may have different ranges of notes and attempting to raise a note beyond its range will not occur
- or =Raise or Lower highlighted area volumeIf an area is highlighted, these keys will modify the relative volume of all notes in the area
DELDelete the highlighted AreaIf an area is highlighted DEL will fill the area with Rests
CTRL I and CTRL DInsert or Delete Row in highlighted TracksThis allows multiple tracks rows to be inserted or deleted. It will only be permitted if one row is highlighted

Whilst an area is highlighted, other keys can be used..

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