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A Track may be set to a Sound Source that uses Noise as its Pitch Channel Resource such as SS ID's 13 thru 19. A Noise Track will have control over the physical Noise Channel for its Pitch and a mix of Channels for its Volume as defined in the SS.

When a pattern is assigned to a Noise Track the values within the pattern will correspond with the Noise Pitch. If Noise Resolution has been increased to 7 bit then the value specified will range 0 to 63 and each step will be twice that shown (to cover the 7 bit range).

If the Noise resolution is normal (0-31) then a pattern entry Noise pitch will loop in the range of 0 to 31.

Any Volume greater than zero will enable Noise and volume 0 will disable it. As with normal Chipsound tracks any Effect can be applied to the Noise Pattern Note entry.

SFX pitch will alter the Noise Pitch and SFX Note Offset may also be used to alter the Noise pitch more dramatically. SFX Volume will act on the single Noise bit as in the Pattern Note entry.

Because the noise output depends also on the Volume level of the channel or channels it is applied to they should be set high in another track dedicated to the Volume Channel.

To perform a simple Noise Sweep the following SFX may be useful

00 DELAY 01

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