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Patterns may be Note, value or Command based. Whether a Pattern is Note or Value based depends on the Tracks Sound Source. Only Track H can be a command Pattern.

For Note/Value Pattern format is..

00-Forms Bit 3 of entries volume
1-Forms Bit 2 of entries volume
2-70-60Note for Entry
61Note Rest
62Volume Rest
63Pattern Bar
10-Forms Bit 1 of entries volume
1-Forms Bit 0 of entries volume
2-70-63Note Effect(SFX)

For Command Pattern format is slightly awkward, only because it conforms (bitwise) with Note Patterns so that when plotted, Rest and Bar codes match..

ByteBitsRangeDefinitionRange UsageSecond Byte Usage
00-10-3Not Used--
2-70-15Pitch BendRateTracks
16Trigger Out-Value to write
17Trigger In-Value to look for
18Note Tempo-Tempo
19-34EG CycleCycle Code(0-15)EG Flag for each Track(Only if SS below 6)
35-50EG PeriodHigh Period(0-15)Low Period(0-63)
10-7Second Byte
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