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All Editors permit some form of Playing of the Song.

Generally the RETURN key plays the Editor whilst Shift+RETURN plays the Song. However for editor specific Play controls press CTRL H to bring up the key help (whilst in the Editor).

There is also the facility to Mute Tracks during play in the Pattern Editor. Press Shift+M to toggle muting of the current track. The setting will be shown in the Play Monitor.

Play Monitor

The Play monitor is a row of 8 volume bars in the top right of the screen. These reflect the volumes of the 8 tracks. If a track has been muted it will always be shown as a large X.

Play Controls

To the left of the Play Monitor are three icons and an SXX field for Playing the selected Song.

The Green Triangle is a Play Icon and will play the currently selected Song.

The two vertical Bar is a Pause icon and will pause the current song. Selecting the icon again will resume the Song

The Green square is the Stop Icon and will stop the current Song.

The SXX field allows the user to select the Song. Songs are composed in the List editor and the number of each song is sequential down the list at every NEW SONG command(RWC). Selecting the SXX field will increment the XX up to the number of Songs in the music.

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