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Resolutions are a brand new development for the Oric. They provide a synthesised higher resolution to both Noise and Volume through a software rendering process known (commonly in graphics) as Dithering.

The resolution of both Noise and Volume may be raised by 2 bits.

AreaNormal ResolutionHigher Resolution
Volume4 Bits(0-15)6 Bits(0-63)
Noise5 Bits(0-31)7 Bits(0-127)

Full sharing is observed for these increased resolutions. Resolutions are also observed in the Pattern Volume entry and SFX volume and Noise changes. However Resolutions are not observed by 1 bit volume resources such as the Tone, Noise and EG Flags.

The dithering process is played at 200Hz. SFX should remain at either 25 or 50Hz for the full effect of raised Resolutions to be heard. Any higher SFX speed will begin to corrupt the rendering process since it will not be given time to dither before a potential Volume change.

The sound output for Volume may be heard as slightly crackly. This is most prominant at louder volumes where the difference between volume levels is most profound.

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