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RWC Offset

The Offset RWC (Default Key fO whilst in the List Editor) sets the note offset of any Track and is provided with two parameters

Note Offsets permit the same Pattern to be used more times by offsetting the notes within it. Because the range of the offset is up to 63 it permits the range of available octaves in any pattern to change from the default C-0 to C-5 to up to C-4 to C-9. On setting a Note offset to a Track, any subsequent Patterns will reflect the new note offset in the note data within them. Note Offset however does not affect Sound Sources that use values to represent the note or pitch, such as Noise and EG.

  • Offset Note

The Offset Note ranges from C-0 to B-4. It is recommended that the Note offset should only be performed when an existing Pattern is required to be offset but that an Octave offset (such as C-1 or C-4) is used to offset a pattern about to be edited (to avoid confusion).

  • Tracks

The Tracks field holds a number from 0 to 255 but is displayed as a mix of the Tracks that require the Offset to be applied to. This means you can alter from 1 to all 8 Tracks Note offsets in just one RWC.

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