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RWC Sharing

The Sharing RWC (Default Key fS whilst in the List Editor) defines the sharing characteristics and is provided with two parameters

When multiple Tracks share the same sound resource they are said to be Sharing the same. AYT facilitates this by allotting each track an amount of time to use the channel before being passed to the next Track. The amount of time is measured in Ticks.

  • SFX Behaviour

Whilst List and Pattern note processing occurs outside of timeslots, the SFX is given the choice in this setting whether it should process the sound regardless if the Track has been alotted the share (PROCSFX) or to only act upon the Channel when it is given a share(WAITSFX).

The advantage of PROCSFX is that the same SFX will last for the same time within or without sharing. The disadvantage is that some transient note changes may not be heard whilst the SFX has not been given the share. The advantage of WAITSFX is that every elemental note property change will be heard but unlike PROCSFX the disadvantage is that the same SFX will sound considerably faster outside of a share.

  • Allotted Ticks

Specified the number of ticks given to each Track that shares the same sound resource(channel). Each Track is always given the same number of ticks. The Frequency of sharing is 50Hz but this may be settable in future versions of AYT.

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