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64 SFX exist in memory. Each SFX is also 64 rows long and each row is one byte. The range of values in each byte define the command and data applied.

Byte ValuesParameter RangeDefinition
000-0241-25Positive Pitch Offset
025-0491-25Negative Pitch Offset
050-0741-25Positive Note Offset
075-0991-25Negative Note Offset
100-1141-15Positive Volume Offset
115-1291-15Negative Volume Offset
130-1451-16Positive Noise Offset
146-1611-16Negative Noise Offset
162-1691-8Positive EG Period Offset
170-1771-8Negative EG Period Offset
178-178-Envelope Flag Off
179-179-Envelope Flag On
180-180-Tone Flag On
181-181-Tone Flag Off
182-182-Noise Flag On
183-183-Noise Flag Off
184-1861-3Skip Condition
187-187-Filter Off
202-2201-19Set Counter
221-221-End SFX
222-2460-24Loop Offset back from current row
247-247-Random Delay
248-248-Random Noise
249-249-Random Volume
250-250-Random Note
251-251-Random Pitch
252-2551-4EG Cycle
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