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Issue NumberIssue ProblemNotes
1 No protection against Disk being fullIt was intended to check the Sectors free before saving. However the value returned appears unreliable
2 No contextual information for Pattern FieldsThis is not a real problem once you get used to the layout
3 Minimal warnings to user Errors
4 Minimal Prevention of cursor move into Pattern RestThis is not a bug and will not cause any adverse behaviour but would be nice to have
5 Inserting or Deleting rows in SFX does not correct Loop RowThe workaround is to always check that loops still go to the desired row
6 Optimisation of Player required
7 Some visual indication of Track Letter in List Editor is lacking
8 Playing Song in List Editor does not always start correctlyPress SHIFT RETURN again and should be good. Alternative is to press SHIFT S to ensure all music is reset then play song
11Play Pattern in Pattern Editor is not picking up Song settings
13Add musical keyboard to Pattern Editor for sequential and timed input of notesProblems with memory restrictions atm
15SFX EG Wave settings should be expanded to 0-15 instead of 4 predefined waveformsThis change would cause next version to be incompatible(SFX) with V0.01 music
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