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Fixes for V0.003

Issue NumberIssue ProblemNotes
1Explicitely playing wave did not write value to register, only wrote if different
2Issues with Noise and EG Sound Source Settings displaying incorrect mix
3Default File Filter changed to MUSIC
4New List key(FUNC A) to auto-assign next unused pattern to Track
5New Pattern key(L) to drop field specific values GRABbed
6List Key RETURN changed to play from current List Row onwards
7Correctly reset AY before playing Song in List Editor (SHIFT S)
8New key options added to Pattern highlighting to allow insert/delete row on multiple tracks, Delete area, Transpose area and change volume in area
9Problem pasting multiple columns beyond bottom row fixed
10Pattern and List Editor CTRL UP/CTRL DOWN keys now performs page up/page down instead of Home/End
11Filter Off removed from SFX since Filter must be included in loop to be operational
12Pitchbending improved for speed and also corrected for EG and Noise Tracks
13Command Track H Commands expanded with a new Wave and EG Period command.
14entering pitchbend command in pattern editor should have a default spread of no tracks
15Pattern Toggle key removed (redundant)
16Menu Removed. The menu is redundant and convoluted the Editor behaviourNow the top row displays a helpful message
17Assigning Track H as a Pattern Command Track should auto-assign a new pattern if a rest was present before
18Prevent setting SS in List Editor beyond 19
19Now Menu removed, ESC is key for help page.
20New X key in help editor quits Editor(with confirmation prompt)
21Prohibit modification of Command ID
22Contextual text for Pattern Command Track H expanded

Outstanding Issues(Ongoing)

Issue NumberIssue ProblemNotes
1 No protection against Disk being fullIt was intended to check the Sectors free before saving. However the value returned appears unreliable
2 No contextual information for Pattern FieldsThis is not a real problem once you get used to the layout
3 Minimal Prevention of cursor move into Pattern RestThis is not a bug and will not cause any adverse behaviour but would be nice to have
4 Inserting or Deleting rows in SFX does not correct Loop RowThe workaround is to always check that loops still go to the desired row. The system will always protect against inadvertantly creating infinite loops
5 Some visual indication of Track Letter in List Editor is lacking
6 Play Pattern in Pattern Editor is not picking up Song settings
7 Add musical keyboard to Pattern Editor for sequential and timed input of notesProblems with memory restrictions atm
8 SFX EG Wave settings should be expanded to 0-15 instead of 4 predefined waveformsThis change would cause next version to be incompatible(SFX) with V0.01 MUSIC
9Grabbed Pattern Entry does not observe Volume resolution
10SHIFT RET in List editor not always playing current songThe workaround is to attempt again. This usually works
11Need command to assign next unused SFXThis version now has a new key to auto-allocate next free pattern. Same should be done for SFX
12SFX name in Patterns should not appear over Rest or VRest
13Jumping to Pattern from SFX when not on pattern row in List causes screen corruptionThis is recoverable
14Grabbing Rest or Bar in Pattern Editor displays note equivalentOnly a visual issue
15Requirement for List Key to clear out all music
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