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Version 0.01 of Vortex2ayt is the very first version of the converter and only converts some elements of the music. It will convert the following elements..

  • Vortex's Song List (Including Loop)
  • Vortex Speed (Initial Tempo only)
  • Vortex Title
  • Vortex Notes in Patterns (Notes that go beyond C-5 are reduced to C-0 to C-5 range but have SFX set to 32)
  • Vortex Rests in Patterns
  • Vortex Bar in Patterns

Known issues..

  • The generated DSK file contains the file as NONAME000.COM, you must rename the extension to .AY1 and/or filename before it can be loaded into AYT.
  • the conversion incorrectly fills SFX 0 to 7 with DEC PITCH BY 08 which causes infinite loops on directly playing the conversion. Resetting the start of each SFX to END SFX!! will prevent the song crashing.
  • Vortex Samples and Ornaments are not dealt with
  • Vortex EG and Noise columns not supported (but will be)
  • Vortex Pattern Commands are not supported
  • Whilst the notes above C-5 have been reduced and the SFX set to 32 the actual SFX 32 does not have anything in it. It should have 3 rows of INC NOTE BY 24 to raise the base note to C-5
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