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Version 0.02 of Vortex2ayt addresses many issues from the first version but is still not perfect. The main problem is the differences in either editors handling EG and Noise. It will convert the following elements..

  • Vortex's Song List (Including Loop)
  • Vortex Speed (Initial Tempo only)
  • Vortex Title
  • Vortex Notes in Patterns (Notes that go beyond C-5 are reduced to C-0 to C-5 range but have SFX set to 32)
  • Vortex Rests in Patterns
  • Vortex Bar in Patterns
  • Vortex Samples (Limited emulation)
  • Vortex EG column
  • Vortex Noise Column

Known issues..

  • The generated DSK file contains the file as NONAME000.COM, you must rename the extension to .AY1 and/or filename before it can be loaded into AYT.
  • Vortex Pattern Commands are not supported
  • Whilst the notes above C-5 have been reduced and the SFX set to 32 the actual SFX 32 does not have anything in it. It should have 3 rows of INC NOTE BY 24 to raise the base note to C-5
  • Sample conversion is not perfect and seems to get noise flags wrong, so the tune sounds very noisy.
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