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Vortex Tracker is a PC Windows based AY tracker written primarily for the ZXSpectrum. It can be found and downloaded here

Then follow these steps..

  • Open Vortex Tracker
  • load a test tune
  • Select “Save As..” from File
  • Change Type at bottom of page to “Module in text file(only for work)”
  • Save file
  • Open Vortex2AYT.exe
  • Press “Open Vortex Text File” and select the file
  • Press “Compile”
  • Boot Euphoric and attach generated Disk (Bottom of list in converter contains file location)
  • Rename NONAME000.COM to MUSIC.AY1 or whatever filename you want but extension must be AY1
  • Boot up AYT and load MUSIC.AY1
  • Go to SFX Editor and Set the first entry of SFX's 0 to 7 to END SFX (convertor issue)
  • Go to SFX 32 and place INC NOTE BY 24 on three rows.
  • Save Song
  • Play it!

You will then need to manually add SFX back in for the moment.

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