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A number of joystick interfaces were developed for the Oric since both Oric-1 and Oric Atmos lacked these devices.

ConnectionInterfaceDrivers under 6502 ASM(XA)Appearance
Printer PortALTAI Interface(Commonly mistaken as Pase)ALTAI DriversBlack rubber box with flying leads for parallel and joystick sockets
Printer PortPASE InterfacePASE DriversGrey box
Printer PortIJK Interface aka Oric Joystick InterfaceIJK DriversFlat black box with flying parallel cable and integrated Joystick sockets in top of box
Printer PortOPEL InterfaceOPEL DriversMoulded metal capsule with one joystick socket one end and parallel plug the other
Expansion PortMCP InterfaceMCP Drivers-
Expansion PortDK'tronics InterfaceDKtronics Drivers-
Expansion PortProtek Programmable InterfaceThis device does not require a driver-
Expansion PortDownsway Programmable InterfaceThis device does not require a driver-
InternalTelestrat Joystick Interface (See Telestrat for details) Telestrat Joystick Drivers-
Telestrat Joystick Curcuit-

Most of the Joystick interfaces are provided with links to Generic Joystick Drivers. Notes about the Generic drivers can be found here.

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