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Low level loading from disc is quite an indepth procedure if you are unfamiliar with the FDC. The behaviour of the FDC between Euphoric and the real machine is also slightly different, particularly with timings. Whilst exact commands are provided in the FDC controller to read data, there are many ways to read data.

The method provided below uses a single sequence method, and does not use subroutines or interrupts. Excluding subroutines may mean the code is longer but makes it more readable.

        ;Read data file from disk. This routine does not use the FDC Interrupt
        ;and is based on a disk formatted with 256 bytes/sector, 17 Sectors/Track
        ;with the file held from Sector 1, Track 0 for 31 Sectors(31x256==7936 Bytes).
        #define fdc_Command	$0310
        #define fdc_Status	$0310
        #define fdc_Track	$0311
        #define fdc_Sector	$0312
        #define fdc_Data	$0313
        #define fdc_Control	$0314
        #define fdc_DRQState	$0318
        #define via_ier		$030E
        source		.dsb 2
        SectorCount	.dsb 1
        	;Test: This simply indicates that the tape file has loaded and is running
        	lda #"A"
        	sta $BB80
        	;Test: We loop here to give time to press F11 and debug!
        loop	nop
        	jmp loop
        	;$509 - Disable CPU interrupts
        	;Disabling Internal VIA only prevents a build up of IRQ flags once disk
        	;routine ends.
        	lda #$7f
        	sta via_ier
        	;Disable FDC Interrupts	B0=0
        	;Switch out ROM 	B1=0
        	;Set DSCD		B2=1
        	;Single Density		B3=0
        	;Side 0			B4=0
        	;Drive 0		B5-6=00
        	;No RANDOS		B7=1
        	lda #%10000100
        	sta fdc_Control
        	;Restore to Track Zero
        	lda #%00001000	;0000??00
        	sta fdc_Command
        	;Wait until end of Command
        loop1	lda fdc_Control
        	bmi loop1
        ;To LOAD a file, we move the head to the desired track.
        ;We then load the sector into memory then advance sector/track
        ;and repeat until we have all the sectors.
        	;Move to LOAD Track
        	ldx GameFileIndex
        	lda FileStartTrack,x
        	;Load Data register with desired track
        	sta fdc_Data
        	lda #%00011000	;0001??00
        	sta fdc_Command
        	;Wait until end of Command - Will step until track reached
        loop1	lda fdc_Control
        	bmi loop1
        	;Store the file sector
        	lda FileStartSector,x
        	sta fdc_Sector
        	;Set up the file destination address
        	lda FileStartMemoryHi,x
        	sta vector1+2
        	ldy #00
        	;Set up the number of Sectors to LOAD
        	lda FileSectorCount,x
        	sta SectorCount
        loop2	;Set Read Sector Command
        	lda #%10001000	;100??0?0
        	sta fdc_Command
        	;Read in 256 bytes
        loop1	lda fdc_DRQState
        	bmi loop1
        	lda fdc_Data
        sta $A000,y
        	bne loop1
        	;Then wait on Command completion
        loop4	lda fdc_Control
        	bmi loop4
        	;Now Check for errors - Read Sector Again on Error
        	lda fdc_Status
        	and #%00011100
        	bne loop2
        	;Update Source(Hi)
        	inc vector1+2
        	;Update Sector/Track
        	lda fdc_Sector
        	adc #01
        	cmp #18	;17 Sectors per track
        	bcc skip2
        	;Step In ThVqr
        	lda #%01011000	;010???00
        	sta fdc_Command
        	;Wait for a short while(18 Cycles)
        	ldy #03
        loop5	dey
        	bne loop5
        	;Wait on INTRQ Flag
        loop3	lda fdc_Control
        	bmi loop3
        	;Sectors start from 1
        	lda #01
        skip2	sta fdc_Sector
        	;Count Sectors
        	dec SectorCount
        	bne loop2
        GameFileIndex	.byt 0
         .byt 0
         .byt 1
         .byt >$A000
        FileSectorCount	;Multiples of 256
         .byt 31
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