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The Oric Keyboard is organised into a 8×8 matrix. At each matrix intersection a key may exist. This provides a maximum of 64 readable keys.

Column Register(AY Register 0E)
0(FE)1(FD)2(FB)3(F7)4(EF)5(DF)6(BF)7(7F)Row(Bits 0-2 VIA PortB)
8 L Ø / RShft RET = 7
Y H G E AltGr A S W 6
U I O P Funct DEL ] [ 5
Space , . Up LShft Left DownRight 4
K 9 ; - # \ ' 3
M 6 B 4 LCtrl Z 2 C 2
7 N 5 V RCtrl 1 X 3 0

When a key is scanned the result is placed into Bit 3 (8) of VIA Port B.

KeyProper NameAvailability
FunctFunction KeyOnly available on Atmos,Telestrat and Euphoric Emulator(Left ALT)
AltGrPC AltGr KeyOnly available under Euphoric Emulator
# PC # KeyOnly available under Euphoric Emulator
LCtrlLeft Control KeyAll Systems
RCtrlRight Control KeyOnly available under Euphoric Emulator
LShftLeft Shift KeyAll Systems
RShftRight Shift KeyAll Systems
RET Return KeyAll Systems
DEL Backspace KeyAll Systems
ESC Escape KeyAll Systems
Up Cursor UpAll Systems
LeftCursor LeftAll Systems
DownCursor DownAll Systems
RightCursor RightAll Systems
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