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This is the main stub for information about accessing the sound chip. Most routines will refer to labels rather than real addresses. The equates can be found here System Labels

Technical Guides

The VIA and AY-3-8912Technical guide about the Sound Chip interface and Hardware

Examples using the ROM under BASIC and 6502 ASM(XA)

Simple AccessWorking example of Accessing the Sound Chip through routines in the Oric ROM

Examples under 6502 ASM(XA)

Sending a Single RegisterWorking example of sending a single value to a Sound chip register
Faster Register Block DumpWorking example of transferring a block of 14 bytes to all sound chip Registers
Playing SamplesWorking Example of playing Sound Samples

Further Reference

Advanced AY AccessArticle on other methods of faster access to the Sound Chip
SID EmulationWorking example of producing the Classic SID sound on the Oric
How to convert WAV files to the OricWorking example of converting WAV samples to the Oric
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