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Currently IM is in development. This list is the latest issue log

Issue Log for IM

090904-02 After premature search of furniture item sys crashed

090904-03 Integrate Simple Simon

090904-04 Code terminal menu control and actions

090904-10 Add more droid behaviours

090904-11 Add behaviour that means Droid always knows where hero is

090904-12 Implement whiteout when Ethan killed

090904-13 Sort red column when Ethan passes lift

090904-14 Add title screen (for tape load)

090904-15 Raise or lower lift to platform and not simply to next half height

090904-17 Add joystick code and test (or get others to test) on real machine

090904-18 Add alternate key controller

090904-23 Change Filename from I2 to IM

090904-24 Convert Vortex IM tune to Oric (with samples) for intro

090904-26 Speedup earth interesection in ms lift scroll

090904-27 Improve SFX for ms lift

090904-28 Improve Ethan running so he falls when nothing below

090904-29 Sort Death when Ethan over floor chasm

090904-30 Integrate Terminal menu when accessing Terminal in screen

090904-31 Complete (test) searched furniture

090904-32 Add Orb to Droid arsenal

090904-33 Sort out map of rooms cursor (corrupts between rooms and corridors)

090904-34 Droid zaps on far right are out (don't zap even though there is space)

090904-35 Attempt to reduce flicker of droids and Ethan

090905-01 Map of rooms flicker when reentering from room to corridor

090905-02 Update furniture items like modern candy machine

090905-03 Hide undiscovered rooms and corridors (currently showing all for testing)

090905-04 Silence all SFX when Ethan enters corridor(causes blip)

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