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New to V1.1 WAVE

  • SID Status, SID Noise, SID Channel and SID Buzzer
  • Pattern Music Tempo change
  • Pattern V Rest expanded to increment and decrement the volume
  • Pattern V Rest 0 now silences everything on channel
  • Pitchbend
  • Selectable Sample Channel
  • New Duplicate Pattern Command in Pattern Editor
  • Expandable Patterns from the standard 24 to 35
  • Trigger Out now shown visually
  • Stop Music in List Editor
  • Play from this point forward in List editor
  • Insert/Delete in Patterns now confined to each channel column

Limitations of V1.1 WAVE

  • Pattern Merge command is still not fixed
  • Editing during play will slow any music currently playing

In order to ensure that SID and Sample sound is continuous and not adversely affected by music changes it has proved neccesary to remove the music player from the IRQ routine and into the main program. This does mean the music may slow during editing as the input loop is expanded to encompass the play routine.

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