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Booting WAVE

WAVE is only available on an Oric Atmos with Disk Drive. It has not been tested on the real machine but is preferred on the Emulator. Music files may only be saved or loaded from Disk. Tape is not supported.

The Wave disk contains all the program, data and all resources.

Insert the disk and reboot the machine (F6 on Euphoric Emulator) Alternatively insert disk and type MENU followed by the return key

The Menu is the central point of all WAVE resources. However at the time of release only 3 options are supported…

In the Main Menu Option 1 will take you to the Music Editor. In the Compiler Menu only Options 4 and 5 are available.

For information on Compiling the music turn to section 3.1 For information on the Wave Music Editor read on…

The WAVE display consists of two screens only.

* The main edit screen contains all the editors and will manage all editing * The disk directory and disk operations

The main edit screen consists of all editable areas of the music. From the top is the menu and below it is the List Editor. Below that is the Pattern Editor and below that three boxes. From the left is the Sample Viewer, Effect Editor and Ornament Editor.

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