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On bootup of WAVE the top left menu option (FILE) is highlighted. Their are two alternate menus.
The Edit menu and the File menu. This is the Edit menu.

From the Edit Menu you may navigate left/right with the cursor keys, select an option with either Return or Space or modify the tempo (can be done in the menu but not neccesary to be over the tempo option).

The options are as follows

FILE Go to the FILE menu
LIST Enter the List Editor
PATT Enter the Pattern Editor
EFFE Enter the Effect Editor
ORNA Enter the Ornament Editor
SAMP Enter the Sample Viewer
TM10 The Default music tempo

The last two options are the PLAY and STOP icons to play and stop the music. However in most editors the playing of the music can be started and stopped internally.

By Default you can get to the Menu section by pressing ESC from any editor.

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