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Overview of all Editors

All Editors share many common commands, methods and keys.
The List, Pattern and Effect Editors all utilise the same Buffer for copy and paste operations. Attempting to paste pattern data into Effect data is not allowed and will be rejected.

The List, Pattern, Effect and Ornament Editors also use the Grab/Drop method which works outside of Copy operations (thereby not affecting the Copy Buffer). Grab and Drop operations allow the current value beneath the cursor to be picked up(“J”) and dropped whenever “K” is pressed.

One can Copy Last or Next entries simply by pressing L or N respectively and these same keys are used in any other editor that supports these operations. The same goes for Inserting and Deleting(closing) the gap, CTRL+I and CTRL+D are commonly used for this.

Navigation within the Editor is always through the cursor keys and this also extends to rapid movement through the information.
For example both CTRL+Up and CTRL+Down is used for Page selection in the HelpKey screen and for jumping 12 rows in the Pattern Editor.

Switching between editors also use common key combinations so that CTRL+L will always take you to the List Editor. Some exceptions do exist such as when in the Pattern Editor CTRL+P (which is usually associated to entering the Pattern Editor) is used to Play the Song.
Common Copy keys CTRL+C,CTRL+X and CTRL+V are available in all editors that use the Copy Buffer. Furthermore highlighting always uses the Shift key in combination with Cursors.

Playing also focuses on RETURN to commence play and Space Bar to Stop it.

Proceeding to previous or subsequent sets such as the next or previous Pattern, Effect or Ornament is done through the common keys CTRL+- and CTRL+=.

Finally CTRL+W is used throughout the editors to Clear the current data in an Editor. For example CTRL+W in the Pattern Editor will clear the current Pattern filling it with Rests.

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