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New to V1.0 is the possibility to expand Patterns from the standard 24 to up to 35 by sacrificing Sample memory.

The table below illustrates the amount of memory left to Samples for each extra pattern added

PatternsSample Memory
248192 Bytes/16384 Nibbles
257488 Bytes/14976 Nibbles
266784 Bytes/13568 Nibbles
276080 Bytes/12160 Nibbles
285376 Bytes/10752 Nibbles
294672 Bytes/9344 Nibbles
303968 Bytes/7936 Nibbles
313264 Bytes/6528 Nibbles
322560 Bytes/5120 Nibbles
331856 Bytes/3712 Nibbles
341152 Bytes/2304 Nibbles
35448 Bytes/896 Nibbles

Nibbles correspond to the number of sample entries or physical sample length since 2 samples exist in each byte.

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