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File Menu

To enter the file menu select the FILE option in the top menu. Select again to return to the edit menu.

The options are as follows

EDIT Go to the FILE menu
LOAD Load a tune or Sample Pack from disk
SAVE Save a tune to disk (The saved tune will contain all music plus all keys)
UPDATE Update Save the tune to disk (No need to enter filename again)
DIR Display the disks directory
NEW Erase all Music Memory
MMENU Return to Main WAVE Menu

And now some additional notes on some of those options


WAVE files all have the extension .WVE regardless if Sample packs or Music files. There is no discrimination between the two types.

Note: Before exiting to display the current directory the program will always ask for
confirmation in the message area.

All Music and Samples will be stopped prior to displaying the Directory and loading a file.
When entering the filename you MUST NOT include the extension.


Save allows you to save a new tune to Disk. Each tune uses the same amount of disk space
regardless the size of the tune being worked on. The program stores the music as a flat file
which is always 26,500 Bytes or 105 Sectors.


Saves the current music being worked on to disk using either the default name (“DEFAULT”) or the last filename saved to disk.
During Update save the screen will momentarily vanish.


Selecting NEW will prompt you to confirm you wish to Erase the music currently in memory after which the program will erase all music including List data, Patterns, Effects and Ornaments.
Samples will remain since their values can never be modified in the editors, only utilised.
The Music Tempo will return to 10.

However the filename currently being used will still remain so don't accidentally UPDATE save unless you intend to do so.

Selecting MMENU(Main MENU) will prompt you to confirm you wish to Quit the application then will return you to the main WAVE menu.

All music data will be lost so make sure you've saved it to Disc!

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