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Introduction & Overview

WAVE is a 3 Channel Music Editor using the traditional Tracker Environment.
A Tracker environment allows one to enter notes in a list know as a Pattern. The Pattern is played from the first note at the top down to the last note (usually 64 rows down) at an even tempo. Each entry can either be a Note, a Rest or a Volume Rest. A Rest indicates no note will be played for the duration of the row(Note tempo).
A Volume Rest silences the Note on the row.
Each Note is accompanied by a number of parameters. The first parameter (denoted by V)is the volume and it defines the initial volume of the note.

The next parameter is the Effect (denoted by E) and defines an Effect Number that will be used for the note. An Effect is a sequence of instructions to perform on the note whilst it is being played. Effects can change the volume, Pitch and Noise charactistics of the note.

The next parameter is the Ornament (denoted by O). An Ornament modifies the note in semitones but is always relative to the original Note specified in the row.

The last two parameters are the Entries Command (denoted by C) and Parameter (denoted by P). These are described further on in this manual.

There are 3 channels inside the Oric Sound Chip and 3 lists of notes are provided.
In addition some other columns exist to change the Noise, EG and Sample over the course of a pattern. More on this later.

Each Pattern has an ID and there are 24 Patterns available. Each ID is specified in the 'List' which is shown on screen above the Pattern and below the top menu.

In addition (and through Pattern Commands) Wave supports linear pitchbend, 5 types of SID sound and 7 Samples.

The List runs from left to right and can hold up to 128 entries. In this way a Pattern may be repeated many times during a song thereby saving repedity and offcourse memory.

The Single WAVE Music Editor screen contains all editors.

The List (as described above), the Pattern below this (the biggest view), the Sample Viewer(bottom left), the Effect Editor (bottom centre) and the Ornament Editor (Bottom right).

All Code, Music and Graphics Twilighte09

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