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Key Help

Key Help provides a mechanism to view the keys for any editor in the editor you are currently in. Press CTRL+H (Control and H together) to enter Key Help.

Key Help also allows you to change any key to suit your own preferences.
All keys are stored with the music when you save it to Disk.

The Key Help screen always overlays the Pattern Area and is split into three columns.
The list of keys is split into pages that are selectable through the page keys which are always CTRL+Up and CTRL+Down.

The Area Column

Contains one of 5 areas the key can be applied to.

NavigateKeys that control where you are in an editor or where you want to go
CopyingKeys that handle copying, grabbing, pasting operations
ModifyKeys that modify the field one is over or an area
OperatorKeys that are commands or operators
PlayKeys to play the music or editor specific music

The Description column

Contains a description of the key

The key column

Contains the key or key combination.
Soft keys are Shift,Ctrl and Function.

The Shift key is either left or right Shift. No discrimination is detected.
The control or CTRL key is the bottom left Ctrl key whilst in the emulator.
The Function key is currently not used for any of the default keys but may be assigned as required.

All soft keys are shown as 4 characters preceding the 'hard' key.
If no soft key is used in the action then just the hard key is shown.
The acronyms for the 3 soft keys are as follows.

AcronymSoft Key
SHFTLeft or Right Shift Key
CTRLControl Key
FUNCFunction key
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