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Disc Map

Note:Each Sector is 512 Bytes

SectorsMemory Load RangeGame AreaNotes
1$FE00-$FFFBMulti boot system and Micro DOS-
27$0500-$9FFFGame Title (Incorperating Game Intro)-
75$0500-$9FFFGame Code-
1$9C00-$9DFFPlayer File-
14$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM2S6Map02
13$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM2S5-
12$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM2S4-
16$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM2S3-
11$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM2S2-
13$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM2S1-
12$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM2S0-
11$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM1S0Map01(Game Start)
11$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM1S1-
11$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM1S2-
11$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM1S3-
11$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM1S4-
11$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM1S5-
11$C000-$????SSC Module SSCM-OM1S6-

* Game Start SSC Module

The Disk routines are loaded to FE00-FFF7 which then load the Title into 0400-9BFF, playerfile into 9C00-9FFF and Title music into C000-FDFF. The Title then draws the game HIRES screen, and transfers temporary disk load routines to Page2. This then loads Game memory into 0400-9BFF, Playerfile to 9C00-9FFF and SSC to C000-FDFF.

When a cut scene is required the PC will be in C000-FDFF and will load the Cut scene to 0400-97FF avoiding corruption of the character set and providing 37,888 bytes. SSC will then JSR cut scene at 0400 and on return reload Game memory to 0400-9BFF. Alternatively (to avoid corruption of game variables) when a cut scene is required it is part of the SSC or loaded into C000-FDFF from Page 2.

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