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GameCode Source Reference

Details the structure of the osdk source and all used source files for the Game Code.

Wurlde Disc Directory Structure

OSDK Implementation

Bats reside in Wurlde root directory that relocate to gamecode directory and call osdk build and osdk exec as appropriate.

Wurlde GameCode Source Files

All source files have .s extension (i don't use C).

Source FileDescription
CeilingFloorCapture.s Code to capture embedded Ceiling and floor codes within SSC Screen. Captures to tables indexed by HeroX
CollisionDetection.s name misleading, code to detect exits both off and on screen.
Data.s Main Tables and some graphics and variables for Wurlde Engine
Driver.s Main Driver for GameCode, sets memory areas and calls main call in GameDriver.s
GameDriver.s GameDriver which contains most #includes, Main game loop
General.s General code. Holds RND generation routines.
Hero.s Main code for controlling movement of hero.
HeroSprites.s All hero sprites. Each sprite contains both mask (even) and bitmap (odd) data
InfoPanelHandler.s Code to display all controls associated to the top info panel screen.
InventoryObjects.s Code to display and animate dropped items in the game screens
LevelManagement.s Main code for calling disc routines to load next SSC module. Also used to quit and save game.
PlayerVariables.s Ingame player variables. This memory area is saved/loaded at game start and when game is saved at Inn
ReadKeyboard.s Routine that reads keyboard for wurlde hero control and all keyboard entry
SSCModuleHeader.s Vector Address references within SSC module header
TextWindowHandler.s All Code associated to the bottom Text window (Virtual HIRES)
WurldeDefines.s Game Constants
zeropage.s Main Zero Page Reference
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