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This is the main stub for the Wurlde Project.

Last UpdatedCurrent Disk Game Size(Bytes)Currently working on..
02/03/2009 309,760 of 720K Working on Dragon Animation frames
Subgames completedCutscenes CompletedMaps DoneScreens done(with effects)Core Game Memory
2 of 81 of 44 of 812 of 37$8499 of $98FF

Wurlde is a 64K Graphic Adventure Arcade Game for the Oric Atmos and Disc Drive. The game takes arcade elements from Targhan on the Amiga and Myth on the C64 and adventure elements from Monkey Island.

Wurlde is a game for the Oric Atmos with Disc Drive. It is currently in full development but very much depends on the support of others whether the game will be finally realised.

Wurlde is now in Development. It is being written by Twilighte and Chema with additional help from Dbug and others. The most recent incarnation was first demonstrated at CEO in Paris in January 2008.

Links below to development resources

*Disc Map

*Memory Map

*Game Engine Routines

*Player File

*Screen Locations

*SSC Vectors

*Cut Scenes and Sub games

*Game Development Docs


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